vasudha by ricardo and parisVasudha Harte has been working with the healing power of music and sound for over 30 years. A qualified music therapist, music teacher and nada (sound) yoga teacher, professional musician, radio announcer, reiki master, actor and poet,  she has a wealth of international experience. She has used her unique skill set in a wide variety of settings including special and mainstream education, youth and community theatre, corporate and wellbeing retreats, yoga and meditation centres, festivals and events.

Vasudha can devise and facilitate workshops to address specific needs, ages and abilities. Make an enquiry about customising a workshop to suit your needs. View past events and workshops here

WORKSHOPS IN VOICE, SOUND HEALING AND YOGA. Sessions can include one or several modalities and themes and are suitable for everybody. Personal. Professional. Educational. Spiritual. Unique.

THE SPEAKING VOICE Develop effective communication skills, voice projection, engagement, confidence. Just as the camera never lies, our voice reveals many things about us and how we live, think and feel. Explore ways of maintaining the voice and expressing and presenting yourself as best you can. Suitable for people in the workplace or anyone wishing to develop their speaking voice.

THE HEALING VOICE Explore the potential of our unique voices in a nurturing, accepting environment. Learn techniques that help relax, open and balance the body and voice.  Become empowered to express freely through sound and song with confidence and awareness. Activities include simple yet effective breathing techniques, vocal warm Ups, toning, improvisation, sound bath, yoga,  relaxation and meditation.  Sessions are dynamic, joyful, relaxing, nurturing and fun.

“Understanding mind-body unity is essential to recognising how sound – which has vibratory effects on cells and organs, emotional effects on the brain, and which taps a spiritual dimension as yet undefined – is the next frontier in holistic healing”  Mitchell Gaynor (The Healing Power of Sound)

THE SINGING VOICE Learn vocal techniques, improve your musicianship, develop confidence in performing. Sing, improvise and have fun. For all ages or a specific group (eg. teenagers, women). Vasudha shares her wealth of experience as performer, educator and music therapist.

VOICE FOR ACTORS Vasudha shares a vast knowledge of techniques and experiences for the acting voice. She has been musical director and voice coach for many youth and community theatre productions and draws upon the work of Kristen Linklater, Cicely Berry, F Matthias Alexander and others.

NADA YOGA – INTRODUCTION TO DHRUPAD A beautiful meditative practice to open the voice and experience your internal world through sound and vibration. Explore dhrupad voice culture, Indian ragas and improvisation (alap). Vasudha  began studying the ancient art of Dhrupad Indian Classical Singing with the Gundecha Brothers in Dhrupad Sansthan Bhopal 2018. It is a lifelong journey she loves to share.

The Shruti Box is an ancient drone instrument from India used as an accompaniment for singing. It’s healing vibrations help one to focus the voice, cleanse the energetic body and calm the mind. Photo of Vasudha at Living Yoga Sanga Mullumbimby.

SOUND HEALING JOURNEY Experience the exquisite nourishment of sound. Sound vibrations can draw out tension and impurities, helping to realign your energy. Simply relax and let go in an atmosphere of beautiful soothing live music of singing bowls, bells, harmonic chimes, flute and other instruments. Participants lie down and receive healing sounds. Options include group vocalisation and group sharing. A unique experience. More

SOUND BATH A wonderful opportunity to give and/or receive a delicious sonic tonic sound bath with voice and/or instruments.  Participants can experience giving and/or receiving healing sounds. Develop confidence in sharing your voice as a healing tool. Relax and be pampered by others.

SOUND TOOLS FOR DEALING WITH ANXIETY AND STRESS  Actively manage anxiety and stress in the moment by using sound healing and your own voice. Develop self awareness and become more present by focusing on generating and listening to sound.  Breathe. Create positive intentions and visualisations. Making and experiencing sounds is enjoyable and stimulating and invites fresh energy into the body and mind. Feel cleansed, balanced, focused and calm. Acquire a toolkit of coping mechanisms to help alleviate tension and stress focusing on using sound and voice, breathing techniques, yoga asanas and meditation.

“When the breath is steady or unsteady so is the mind.” Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

v flower guitar nysh editA Sound Healing Journey set up. Photo of Vasudha at Gaia Retreat and Spa international resort Byron Bay.

HEART SOUND YOGA Experience The yoga of sound. Tune up your instrument – the body mind heart with a combination of mindful postures inspired by Simon Borg Olivier’s spinal movement sequence. The practice of yoga can help develop awareness, confidence, physical strength, coordination, agility, flexibility, mental clarity, focus and freedom. You are invited to go at your own pace: gentle, restorative, dynamic, rejuvenating. Enjoy the bliss of toning and the power of mantra. Meditate on sound and silence.

YOGA FOR SINGERS Explore the many ways in which yoga techniques and asanas can help develop the singing voice. Suitable for singers of all levels.

HEART SONG / KIRTAN Circle up and sing simple inspiring songs and/or mantras guided by Vasudha. Sing with ease via call and response. You are invited to join in however you please… sing, play, relax, listen, dance!


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