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Vasudha Harte has been working with the healing power of music and sound for over 25 years. As qualified Music Therapist, Music Teacher, Nada (Sound) Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master,  she has a wealth of international experience working with a variety of populations. Vasudha can devise and facilitate workshops to address specific needs, ages and abilities.

Nada Yoga Sound Healing Workshop themes and ideas…

SOUND HEALING JOURNEY Experience the exquisite nourishment of sound. Sound vibrations can draw out tension and impurities, helping to realign your energy. Simply relax and let go in an atmosphere of beautiful soothing live music of singing bowls, bells, harmonic chimes, flute and other instruments.

IMG20160917185058A Sound Healing Journey set up at Gaia Retreat and Spa Byron Bay where Vasudha facilitates regular Sound Healing Sessions for Retreat Guestsimages-1

VOICE PLAY AND SOUND HEALING WORKSHOP Explore the potential of your unique voice. You will be guided to express yourself in a nurturing, accepting environment. Have fun warming up the voice, improvising and singing easy to learn songs. Learn techniques that can help empower you to speak and sing with confidence.Rebalance your energy, coordinate breath and movement with sound, develop your singing voice, build your confidence, learn tools to help alleviate stress, tune, express, enjoy vocal warm ups, vocal technique, sound play, improvisation, body percussion, sound baths, body work, toning, singing, harmonies, rhythm games, nada yoga, relaxation, meditation, breathing techniques, awareness, voice projection, whole body breathing, Increase your focus, balance your energy, develop your inner strength. Dive in! Feel your whole body sing. Sessions are dynamic, joyful, relaxing, nurturing and fun.
bow & arrow
Vasudha leading a bow and arrow yoga asana and vocal exercise for empowerment, mental focus and voice projection at Nada Yoga School Rishikesh India 2016

DE-STRESS & RETUNE SOUND HEALING WORKSHOP We can actively manage stress in the moment by improving breath awareness and control, thus balancing and calming nervous energy. Making vocal sounds with positive intent stimulates and shifts energy in the body. Here you are invited to express yourself freely through sound and song. Activities include simple yet effective Breathing Techniques, Gentle Movement, Sighing, Humming, Toning, Singing and Relaxation.

“When the breath is steady or unsteady so is the mind.” Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

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SOUND BATH WORKSHOP A wonderful opportunity to give and/or receive a delicious sonic tonic sound bath with voice and/or instruments. Yum!images-1

NADA (SOUND) YOGA CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS Experience The Yoga of Sound. Tune up your instrument – the body mind heart  with a combination of yoga postures and voice. Explore breathing techniques that expand the lung capacity and calm the mind. Enjoy the bliss of toning and the power of mantra. Meditate on sound and silence. The practice of yoga can help develop awareness, confidence, physical strength, coordination, agility, flexibility, mental clarity, focus and freedom.

humming bee soundVasudha guiding students in Brahmari “Humming Bee” Breath which helps soothe the nervous system, calms the mind and develops awareness of internal sound and consciousness at Nada Yoga School Rishikesh India 2016images-1

NADA YOGA FOR SINGERS WORKSHOP Explore the many ways in which yoga techniques and asanas can help develop the singing voice.images-1

HEART SONG / KIRTAN Circle up and sing simple inspiring songs and/or mantras guided by Vasudha. You are invited to join in however you please… sing, play, relax, listen, dance!

If you’d like to be informed about upcoming Nada Yoga Sound Healing Workshops or have any enquires please email or phone +61(0)401622646

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 4.10.44 PMVasudha leading Sound Healing Meditation at Nada Yoga School Rishikesh India 2016


divine sound blessings to you!