It was great just to be in my own space. The one on one was good because I didn’t have to think or be conscious of myself with others or others around me. That was really good. Just being in that space and listening to the sounds and knowing it was all about me! That was wonderful. An indulgence. It was like “I’m allowed to” you know? We don’t give ourselves permission to do that much. Well I don’t…

I was feeling really happy and excited during that and calm as well. It was a beautiful feeling. Lovely sensations. The vibrations were absolutely lovely the sound and the feeling and the vibrations and your voice was beautiful.

All the instruments and your voice and everything was just gorgeous.

I highly recommend the one on one.

Thank you I loved it!

KATHY WALKER Psychologist, Melbourne April 2018


“The experience of sound was profoundly beautiful, healing and transformational on so many levels. I felt like I had been touched by an angel. The sound journey was like an initiation into such a deep level of awareness and created an opening into all that had passed and all that was possible in the future. The level of calm and peace I experienced was more profound than deep levels of meditation. I experienced all range of emotions yet felt so secure to go wherever the sound healing guided me.

“Vasudha is such an inspiration and so talented in this field of work, her warm presence allowed me to let go of all limitations and experience this journey to the fullest. On a cellular level I felt soothed on an emotional level I could let go on a mental level I felt at complete peace and on a physical level I felt healed.

“I can highly recommend that everyone should have this experience of sound healing with Vasudha. Her calm presence and musical intuition is beyond words.”

WENDY PURDEY Registered Nurse, NLP Practioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach February 2016

individual set upIndividual Set Up at Gaia Retreat and Spa 2017


“I’ve been unwell. I suffered from ulcers initially. I lost blood, which I excreted…. I ended up in Emergency….in the hospital I contracted Golden Staff…It’s been almost a month since all that happened and my left arm is still pretty useless because the shoulder is so damaged. It’s also been operated on so it’s got stitches in it. They had to cut the muscle to get to the bone so my shoulder’s sort of frozen in a state of pain. There’s a dull ache most of the time with occasional tweaks and flashes of pain.

“Vasudha’s given me a sound healing….It was extraordinary.

“The tones and the sounds and the way that it was layered, certain tones were built on others and my body was vibrating like a tuning fork and lots of resonances. It was almost unbearable at certain points but I just relaxed and let it go. I didn’t fight it. I let it work for me… I let all those processes take place, let all that energy move and clean and purge and flow through.

“Some rhythmic entrainment occurred which was to do with my heart and the pulse in my shoulder and the vibrations… My shoulder was pulsing quite significantly for a while and that’s where the main problem is and I could feel it sort of just healing itself and so I gave that some support myself, you know, sent light and consciousness there, and it seemed to really help that along… Then the vibrating locus of healing would move down then it started in my hand where I’ve always had arthritis in my fingers. All my fingers were just vibrating…this healing seemed to move and was always in the right place. I get arthritis in my toes and it seemed to vibrate there and then in my bowels…vibration deep in my colon, then I had vibrations that moved back to my shoulder again. So several times the shoulder would start pulsing and vibrating and then it just sort of moved around.….It was like pulsing concentric circles of healing locating themselves at points that needed it. It would locate areas and kept coming back to my shoulder. It was going into my joints and my bowels. I’ve never had any healing do that. Very effective. Everything feels really relaxed.

“I recommend Vasudha. She’s got the gift! Vasudha is a bridge between music and healing.

“She’s able to create a field in you in which the resonances are so strong you feel like a tuning fork…and you are vibrating. At first it’s almost overwhelming but you relax into it realising that you’ve got a couple of hundred billion trillion DNA strands all oscillating and realigning and healing and reconnecting and you can feel it all through you at each level.”

FRANCIS KHOURY Former Lawyer, Performance Artist, Surfer Byron Bay November 2015


“Sound Healing facilitates a vibrational state change. It depends upon a talented sound healer who not only understands the intricacies of sound, but also carries the healer archetype. Vasudha Harte is a gifted sound healer and comes highly recommended after my session today. Thanks V xx”

LISA FITZPATRICK Life Coach and Founder of Sacred Women’s Business Byron Bay 2013

“Wow! that was soooo amazing….I was in another realm….where does your voice come from? What a gift! Your voice is just incredible…” JANE Mother Byron Bay 2013

“Gosh I feel fabulous. Thank you so much for a fantastic session!” VICKI Bodyworker Byron Bay 2017

sound healing journey 2018


“An amazing uplifting and healing experience”

“The most relaxed I’ve ever felt in my entire life”

“I feel like a new person!”

“I’m in ecstasy!”

“Deeply relaxing”

“I feel so much lighter”

“it’s like you’re rubbing an elixir into parts of my body”

“That was angelic. so many waves of yummy, then more waves of yummy!”

“…Rebalancing…the healing feeling from the crystal bowls is so strong”

“the sound of the didjeridoo around my feet was phenomenal”

“your voice is insanely gorgeous”

“The headache I had all day has gone”

“It helped ease my pain better than a massage”

“The most relaxed I’ve felt in years”

“You are the one woman orchestra. Sound Magic!”


“Vasudha guided me with compassion and enthusiasm during the exploration of my voice. I felt comfortable, inspired and empowered  and walked away with a big smile on my face. I can not wait to come back for more singing lessons. Thank you!!” Lena 2016
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