YOGA64 BOWL SAVASANAHeart Sound Yoga classes are a concious exploration of sound, movement and stillness. Centre yourself in the present moment and work with the breath at your own pace without judgement.

Vasudha combines her love of yoga and music as a healing art form. She brings years of experience as yogini, teacher, musician, music therapist, sound healing practitioner and professional singer.

photo 4 FLUTEHEART SOUND YOGA is a nurturing exploration of Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound), Hatha Yoga and Sound Healing featuring beautiful instruments and vocals. Enjoy combining asana (postures) with healing sounds and vibrations that help energise the body and relax the mind. Develop deep listening and awareness of your inner landscape. Experience the freedom of sounding with your voice. Resonate with warmth and spaciousness and go on to share the fruits of your practice with others.

Suitable for every body.

Heart Sound Yoga Classes have been held at: Yoga By Nature Brunswick Heads, Living Yoga Sanga Mullumbimby, Heartspace above Santos Mullumbimby, Nunyarra Culture Festival

“So unique”

“I loved the sounds”

“Very clear instructions. It was wonderful!”

“I feel totally blissed out”

YOGA74 treeGroup Tree Pose (Vrkasana). A forest of yoginis developing balance, strength, flexibility and community. Living Yoga Sanga Mullumbimby 2018

Vocalising with the Shruti Box, traditional Indian drone instrument.

“Music without words means
leaving behind the mind.
And leaving behind the mind
is meditation.
Meditation returns you
to the source.
And the source of all is sound.”

Kabir (mystic poet and nada yogi)

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 4.10.44 PMSound Meditation. Nada Yoga Class Rishikesh 2016

humming bee soundBrahmari “Humming Bee” Breath which helps soothe the nervous system, calms the mind and develops awareness of internal sound and consciousness at Nada Yoga School Rishikesh India 2016

tadasana.jpgOpening the body mind voice. Nada Yoga School Rishikesh India 2016


Experience The Yoga of Sound.

Tune up your instrument – the body mind heart.

Explore breathing techniques that expand the lung capacity and calm the mind.

Combine yoga asanas (postures) with breath and voice.

Enjoy the bliss of toning and the power of mantra.

Meditate on sound and silence.

All levels and abilities welcome.

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