Sound Healing Journey Monday 22nd Jan 2018

You are invited to relax and receive an exquisitely nourishing “sonic tonic”.
Be immersed in subtle and powerful healing vibrations of singing bowls, bells, voice, flute, guitar, harmonic chimes, shruti box and other instruments.
Sound vibrations can draw out impurities and dissolve tension, promoting profound and subtle healing on different levels such as pain alleviation, stress reduction, emotional release and deep relaxation.
Feel balanced, clear, calm and spacious.

Yoga By Nature Studio @ Brunswick Heads Community Centre 6.30pm – 7.30 pm Please arrive early
$25/$20 Enquiries: Vasudha 0401622646

What people have said after a Sound Healing Journey:
“I feel like a new person.” Eli
“The experience of sound was profoundly beautiful, healing and transformational on so many levels…. The level of calm and peace I experienced was more profound than deep levels of meditation. Vasudha is such an inspiration and so talented in this field of work, her warm presence allowed me to let go of all limitations and experience this journey to the fullest. On a cellular level I felt soothed on an emotional level I could let go on a mental level I felt at complete peace and on a physical level I felt healed…Her calm presence and musical intuition is beyond words” Wendy
“Wow! That was so amazing. I was in another realm. Where does your voice come from? What a gift! Your voice is just incredible.” Jenny