Sound Healing in Byron Bay and beyond

A Sound Healing Journey is a unique experience where a “sonic tonic” is specially created for you. Vasudha works intuitively with the healing frequencies of crystal bowls, tibetan bells, bowls, harmonic chimes, flute, shruti box, voice and other instruments. Sound vibrations shift and draw out tension and impurities, realign your energy and help you to relax and completely let go. Feel more balanced, spacious and connected with yourself and the universe.

Pictured above are some of the instruments played during a Sound Healing Journey. This set up is at Gaia Retreat and Spa in the luscious Byron Hinterland where guests are treated to a Group Sound Healing Journey as part of their stay. Individual Sound Healing Journey sessions are also available and include the use of Gaia facilities: spa, sauna, pool, restaurant and the gorgeous walks and views.


Vasudha conducts workshops and individual Sound Healing Sessions at your location or get in touch to discuss venue options near you. Want to know more or book a session? Contact Vasudha: Phone +61(0)451944051 or Email or fill out the contact form here

“Wow. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my entire life”

“Thank you for the sound healing. It was an amazing, uplifting and healing experience”

“Thank you for making me feel so zen”

“I’ve had a terrible headache all day and now it’s gone”

“I went to so many different places…”

“I’ve experienced sound baths before but this one was magic!”

More testimonials


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