The Yoga Of Sound

In Nada Yoga one attains union through the flow of sound. We become increasingly aware of the vibrations inside and around us, from the gross to the subtle. By harnessing the power of sound we come to know ourselves more deeply, we heal ourselves on many levels and ultimately connect with the divine. Over the years I have practiced and trained in the healing arts combining sound, music and movement. Recently this journey has brought me to this ancient and profound world of Nada Yoga….Welcome!

Vasudha Harte images-1



“Nada Yoga is the oldest yoga in India or perhaps in the world. Since the dawn of humanity, humans have used sound and voice to communicate as well as to connect to their environment and inner beings.

According to Indian spiritual tradition, the universe is born from the primordial sound of AUM. This primal sound or vibration, when coupled with consciousness, is known as Nada Brahman or Shabd Brahman. Vedas, the world’s oldest scripture, are compositions in verse and mantra. When chanted in particular ways, Vedas produce distinct vibrations for specific desired effects on body, mind and spirit.

The story of Nada Yoga begins before the emergence of the universe itself with the pure and absolute silence of Nirgun Brahman, the source of all sound (pure consciousness). In essence, to realise/experience the pure silence of pure consciousness through sound is the ultimate goal of Nada Yoga.”

JIVASU Nada Yoga








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